Sunday, March 14, 2010

pragmatism and action

I've been preparing a presentation on action research the last couple of days while at the hospital with Yoojin [he's getting better slowly, we hope he can be set free tomorrow tuesdayy at the latest].

a couple of thoughts from that writing should bring me back to my dissertation, particularly relating to what Peter Reason (2003) was trying to explain about Richard Rorty's pragmatism.. I really a am trying to redescribe something. I think that we all know about emotions -- they clearly fit into the "we all know an emotion, when we see it" category, yet we see different emotions from the same expressions. not always, and maybe not in consistent ways and national culture is hardly the only thing going on with that interpretive process.

how can I redescribe those processes in ways that help people understand one another better?

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Reason, P. (2003). Pragmatist Philosophy and Action Research: Readings and Conversation with Richard Rorty. Action Research, 1(1), 103-123